American Contemporary Artist
June 1974 - May 2004
Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in the nearby seaside town of Scituate, Heidel Vietze was the youngest of her parents' four children.  Heidel enjoyed a very active childhood, typical in many ways of families in the area: swimming and sunning in the summer, skating and sledding in the winter.  International travels, horseback riding, theater arts, and the martial art, capoeira also occupied much of Heidel's time throughout her growing years.

She participated in competitive gymnastics, a sport she stayed with during her High School years at Notre Dame Academy where she graduated in 1992. Following graduation, Heidel spent one year as a volunteer in the City Year program dedicated to improving the conditions of the homeless in Boston. Her deep concern for the happiness and well being of others made this year particularly rewarding for Heidel. Heidel's interest in creative pursuits began during her early childhood years and took on more focus through class work at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as well as MassArt. In 1993, Heidel enrolled in the Parsons School of Design in New York City from where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

After graduation, she remained in NYC and continued to develop her skills as a professional artist. Her work included photography, sculpture, collages, and event design; but a large portion of her effort was devoted to paintings and drawings in a style ranging from contemporary to abstract.

Her unique style of multimedia drawing combines paint and common household items such as tape and features dramatic use of color to produce an effect of abstract expression.

Her paintings, some of which took over 5 years to create, were produced with multiple layers of oil paint and joint compound then carefully and selectively stripped away to reveal glimpses of what lies below.  Each layer contained its own particular story; as the layers are stripped away, some of the original themes show through but are never completely revealed. This technique produced paintings compiled upon previous works but having its own integrity as well with finished images of striking color, texture, and harmony.

In 2001, Heidel established her own studio in Brooklyn NY where she did much of her later work.  In 2003, the studio was open to the public and selected pieces were offered for sale to various collectors throughout the northeast.

Described by her friends and family as gentle, thoughtful and funny, she expressed great concern for others throughout her life.  She enjoyed reading philosophy to search for meaning to life's questions.  As a person of great depth, compassion, and complexity, these qualities reveal themselves clearly through her art, the legacy of which is presented in this web page for you to enjoy.

In one of her sketch books, Heidel had torn out a saying, "listen and all the world will hear you."  As you browse Heidel's work profiled in this collection, listen to how Heidel spoke through her art and share her inspiration.